Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Minnie Mouse Vegan Birthday Cake ~ Littlest Nieces 2nd Birthday

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It was our littlest nieces 2nd birthday tea party on Sunday afternoon. And once again it was our pleasure to provide the birthday cake. The request as always was for a chocolate cake...not sure if that is the request of the little ones or a request from their chocoholic parents??? lol. And this is where my involvement ends...as the baking of the cakes...and creating of the cake has been the work of ML for a long time now. The request for this cake was anything Minnie Mousey...as L is obsessed with her. 

ML took this challenge and ran with it...and came up with a fantastic Minnie Mouse cake. And it was baked and decorated in record time...lol. The cake was chocolate with chocolate filling. And from there it was a case of assembly and decoration. And I thought ML did a fantastic job and L loved it..so that was all that mattered. Oh and she loved her pressie too...so Phew!..we did good this year..lol.

Minnie Mouse themed birthday cake...
ML really enjoyed making this cake. lol. But did have a panic moment after spelling out the name..lol.

Gratuitous Close Up

Like I said before we also did good on the pressie this year....even if big sister N was happy to play with it endlessly. And here are a couple of photos to prove it...lol.

Mummy, big sister N and the little birthday girl L
(not the best quality photo but ya get the idea lol)
And one more for the road....

Yep N was very happy to 'show' L how to play with
her pressie. lol
So that is the littlest ones birthday over and next up is her Mummy's 30th!!! So ML will be making another birthday cake today. lol. I cannot believe my baby sister is a very good mother of three little ones...much less 3o years old. Blimey...is that a grey hair???? lol.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the Little Ones Tales...and I hope your week has started well....