Sunday, 10 February 2013

Brunch Lite: Innocent Kiwi, Apple & Lime Smoothie..

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Suzi Quatro ~ Make Me Smile
Halestorm ~ Don't Know How To Stop
Mr Bowie ~ Let's Dance
Halestorm ~ It's Not You
JET ~ Holiday
Rob Thomas ~ I Am An Illusion
Little Angels ~ Young Gods
Alanis Morrisette ~ All I Really Want
Halestorm ~ Dirty Work
The Zutons ~ Valerie
Jack Johnson ~ Cocoon
Madonna ~ Forbidden Love
The Cranberries ~ Do You Know?
The Fratellis ~ Mistress Mabel

No other words...well..except...Yummmmmmm!
Well...yes. I know this technically isn't a brunch posting. yes..I've cheated. But extreme viral nasties are to blame. R&R HQ is wiped out by the pesky little critters. And I am craving Vit C like anything and I'm not the biggest fan of freshly squeezed orange or the shop bought kind. I drink it rarely...and usually only use it in dressings or sauces when cooking. Just my personal preference eh?

Now a smoothie? Those I do like but once again I am picky. I don't enjoy the plant based milk, yoghurt or ice cream laden ones. And my biggest problem with smoothies is the banana factor. I hate that funny after taste thanks to the mashed banana. Yuck.

So my taste has always been for the green smoothies and enjoyed a green smoothie bender I went on a couple of years ago..see Green Smoothie Revolution label. I like the green leafies mixed with fruits and salad ingredients. I enjoy the lightness of these smoothies over their 'milky' cousins.

When this latest viral nasty hit body went into Vit C craving overtime...and my preferred Vit C boost of choice, is the rather lovely Kiwi. I was eating them with every meal and as a snack in between meals. Couldn't get enough of them.

Then I was talking this through with ML and I was saying..."Oh how lovely it would be to just be able to drink my kiwis...." (Dramatic sob of a viral ridden person here!! lol Seriously...) ML suggested having a look at what the local supermarket had to offer in premade smoothies and as I don't react well to most of them..and they almost always have that nasty banana factor..I shrugged the suggestion off but said good luck.

Thirty minutes later I was brought up a glass of green goo...and I eyed it suspiciously. But it smelt divine...and so I raised my eyebrow in question..hmmm what's the catch? ML then informed me that Innocent Smoothies had just brought out a new banana free smoothie. Kiwi, Apple & Lime...and it was vegan etc. Answer to my smoothie in a rush prayers????

Well it passed the smell test as the freshness of the apples, lime and other ingredients (if you click on the photo above it takes you direct to their site and the recipe for this smoothie) hit you as you take in your first sniff. Appearance? It's a glass of green smush...but not an unpleasant one. Taste? Now this is the deal breaker, eh? Oh is delicious with a fresh and clean flavour. It hasn't got that shop premade twang in its flavour that most of them really does taste like it's just been poured from your blender.

Will I buy it again? Yes...most definitely. And I am enjoying a glass of its lovely greenness twice a day right now to help fight the lurgy. Great product...and a great addition to any Brunch....see I got there in the

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Sunday is being very good to you...