Friday, 28 December 2012

Vegan Purple Kale Quiche with Toasted Oat~Sesame Crust

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I love cruising my fellow vegan (and some non-vegan) bloggers sites and finding recipes that I am desperate to try out for myself. This is exactly how this quiche came about...Emily Segal @ posted this recipe and the photos were soon all over Pinterest. I saw the photo and like many others were drawn in. I printed the recipe off from her site and then added it to the be made when well! That pile is

Vegan Purple Kale Quiche with Toasted Oat and Sesame Crust.
All the work is ML's on this one, cooking and photo taking.
Thanks ML..great job.
ML is home for the holiday period and as I've been really unwell and not thriving on the usual ready made bought in food...offered to cook real food for me. This started off with Susan V's Thanksgiving Loaf for Christmas. Then when the next recipe was required I just had to ask for this quiche. Had...too!

Now Emily's version calls for Swiss Chard...and we didn't have any but we did have a splendid bunch of bright purple kale. And it's my own fault because I didn't say it..but I had intended on subbing the wholewheat flour out for Buckwheat to make it GF. However...ML didn't know this and made it as instructed.

Now this smelt like heaven as it baked in the oven. The earthiness of the pastry, the spices from the filling combined to make one mouthwatering prospect for dinner yesterday evening. For the recipe please visit Emily's page... Although she confesses that the recipe is adapted from one she found elsewhere also..

I enjoyed every mouthful of this quiche. From the delicious spicy crust and earthy filling....ML served my slice with a selection of steamed veggies...and I was in food heaven. And I felt so much better after eating this dinner compared to recent meals. I hope we can keep this up and I can find the energy to get back in the kitchen very soon.

I can't urge you enough to try this quiche for yourself. It's a slice of heaven....

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Friday is a great one...