Monday, 24 December 2012

Seasons Greetings and Holidays Dishes...

Rocket & Roses HQ Play List:

Halestorm ~ Rock Show
Pat Benetar ~ Love is a Battlefield
Marc Almond ~ Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
Count Basie ~ Plymouth Rock
Shakira ~ Objection
Garbage ~ Run Baby Run
Terrorvision ~ Surrender
Sinatra ~ You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
Tanita Tikaram ~ Good Tradition
Halestorm ~ Bet U Wished You Had Me Back
Shania Twain ~ Waiter! Bring Me Water
Gina Sicilia ~ Pushover
Patti Smith Group ~ Because The Night
JET ~ Cold Hard Bitch

Seasons Greetings from all at Rocket & Roses Vegan Kitchen
We wish fun, love & happiness this holiday season.
Yes...I can put it off no longer and I have to acknowledge the holidays are upon us. And for those of you who follow regularly you will know for us it isn't a religious celebration. I was brought up in a house that celebrated Christmas for very different was about cherishing the family and friends that are in your life. It was a celebration of love for each other. So we had the tree, the decorations and the presents and the meals.

Sadly this year ML & I aren't participating in any of it but for very personal reasons and they shall remain private. But that doesn't stop me wishing you all the very best of seasons matter what religion or beliefs you follow. Respect and love is being sent out to you all.

And as this is a food blog I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane with you and repost some of my personal favourite Holiday Dishes...

Rocket and Roses Roasted Chestnut & Brusselsprout Pate
with Christmas Tree Toasts

I couldn't get enough of this when I created it. lol.
Rich, creamy and satisfying.

Susan V's Thanksgiving (GF & Vegan) Loaf

Can't thank Susan V from enough
for this recipe. It's delicious and easy to make. And served
on a platter plate surrounded by has the Wow factor.

Festive Carrot Soup with Sesame Star Croutons
A light and delicious starter or with extra croutons
a great tasty.
 Happy Holidays folks...I hope you
all make it through the next few
days with many smiles and as little
heartaches as possible.....~R~