Saturday, 22 December 2012

Art: Tom Fleming

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Hello folks...I hope the holiday season isn't being too harsh on you and you are able to retain a smile or two? lol.

Now you would think a person who has been on bed rest for the last two weeks I would be rested...peaceful even. But no...going out of my freaking mind would be more accurate. lol. But yesterday I managed a half day downstairs and with the imminent arrival of M & N, I'm hoping I'll achieve a full day today. So sorry for not being around in the last week but your constant support and messages mean a lot. Thank you.

Yesterday was the first real day that I was back online and attempting to do regular stuff and during those moments I found the artwork/illustrations by Tom Fleming. I had never heard of him or his work before but I was instantly taken by it and found myself searching out as much as I So taken by these particular pieces I felt the need to share them with you whilst the rest of the world is going Holidays mad...I thought I'd share some art instead. lol.

Remember when this used to be a food blog?? lol Yes me too..and I promise I'll bring that back to you one day soon...

So first piece...

by Tom Fleming.
This is the first piece I saw...just love it. Can't find adequate

by Tom Fleming
This piece really spoke to me...I loved the completely 'lost in something' way she is moving her body and the use of colour and detail.

by Tom Fleming
Just beautiful. (And no I have never claimed to be a wordy art critic...I just know what I like! lol)

by Tom Fleming
As a writer and being very in touch with my imagination lol I fell for this piece instantly.

by Tom Fleming
I would love each of these pieces on the walls of my workroom. I would draw great inspiration from each piece. Seriously talented guy this Mr Fleming, eh? lol

The last piece was one that I found much later...and was taken with the depth of colour and beauty of creative mind instantly started forming a story around her..building a her Couldn't find a name for this piece so if you are familiar with Flemings work and know it...please drop me a line and I'll update the posting.

Artist: Tom Fleming
Exquisite! No?

For more information and access to more of Tom Flemings work visit his website 

So I am away to watch much beloved M & N decorate Christmas cookies, play Santa Claus and just generally enjoy all hugs and snuggles. I love being an

Thanks for stopping by and I truly hope this weekend is a great one for you matter what your plans are.