Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year's Eve, eh? lol Where did the year go?...

New Year Play List: Abba ~ Happy New Year
                                         Pulp ~ Disco 2000
                                         Jimmi Hendrix ~ Auld Lang Syne
                                         Pink ~ Let's Get The Party Started
                                         (OK..OK..I was reaching by the last's harder
                                                   than you think to find New Year ~R~)

Does the thought of the New Year fill you full of woe? Or does it refuel your tanks and leave you feeling positive about a fresh new start? For me it's a little of one..but this year, more of the other. My family lost my Grandad on Jan 2nd so for me I'll always be a little sad when that date rolls around. So tonight I will have a drink in his honour and remember all the good times we shared and all the things I learnt from him. And most importantly the times spent dancing and laughing with him. So with the twang of sadness around my heart I shall remember the gent that was my Grandad.

There are people in my close circle of family and friends that have a hard battle to face in the New Year so my thoughts will be with them too, as they ready themselves for the hard times ahead. And I will do whatever it takes to support them...

So what does the New Year mean to me this year? Hope! I have to have that or really what is the point.

Happy New Year to one and all! I love fireworks and just wanted to
I am tempted to sit down and write out a long list of resolutions as I have every year in the past but that just leaves me feeling an utter failure a month down the line...You know 'that' list and 'that' feeling, right? I feel a change is needed for 2012 and I'm done with all the pressure that we put ourselves under, to achieve all the things put down on a piece of paper. I want 2012 to be the year where I take back my the things I want to do..not what is expected of me by others. I think it's particulary poignant that's it's my 40th birthday coming up. Yes folks I finally reach the big 40! So maybe I'm thinking things through more deeply than other years. It really is a landmark...isn't it? lol

A list is a a list, yeah? lol But my Hopes for the New Year are very simple and this...

Continued work on achieving better health...making good choices with eating, taking exercise and enjoying sports. A constant work in progress...but a vital one.

Cherishing the relationships in my life...My Love, my family that consists of actual family and friends.

Continued works towards a successful career. All the hard work that entails, I'm sure gonna be busy. lol.

Chosen mantra: If it isn't fun...doesn't make you fit..doesn't make you feel ain't doing it Red!

Oh and I hope that I can take up Archery as I tried it for my birthday a couple of years ago and fell in love with the only targets were the round kind pinned to a stand. Not and absolutely never the hunting kind!....Ever!

And maybe take those fabulous holidays with My Love...No?...Not this year? OK well a gal can dream, right? lol

So I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year and whatever your celebration plans are, if any, that you enjoy every second of them. We shall be seeing the New Year alone with a bubbly drink and raising a toast whilst sat in our garden watching everyone elses fireworks.

Thank you for your support and blog reading this year...and I hope to continue to entertain you throughout 2012 too! lol

Best Wishes!
Red & the Webmaster..aka..My Love x