Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Festive Desserts enjoyed over the last few days...

Sorry for the last posting today but I have been visiting with a good pal and his family. I am home now and quickly trying to remember the desserts we have served. I say served because I haven't eaten all of them..lol. I'm starting with the Friends Christmas Gathering and then the dessert I made for me and My Love for Christmas Day. Usually we would enjoy a Vegan Traditional Christmas Pudding with custard..we are English! lol. But as dried fruits are now on My Love's Death Food list I offered to make something different. 

Chocolate Lover's Pudding Tea Cups with Physalis Fruit
Those of you who follow regularly will know that I collect tea cups and saucers and espresso cups etc. In one our local £1 shops I found these little silicone cupcakes cases with plastic saucers. I love them...and they also work well as dessert cups. I made the pudding and filled each cup then stored them in the fridge until needed. Once topped with Physalis fruits as a contrast to the dark bitter chocolate they were a huge hit! lol. 

Pineapple Upside Down Dessert Slice
This was the second dessert option at the Friends Christmas Gathering. It was a little more dense than an Pineapple Upside Down Cake as it is dredged in juices and left to chill before serving. I enjoyed this a great deal..but sadly My Love is Pineapplephobic and wasn't as impressed. lol. Ooops. And this dessert got better the longer it sits. I had a small piece whilst typing this post and it was much better than on the 23rd! Good to know for forward planning desserts. 

The next dessert wasn't technically a dessert but it was what was made and eaten after lunch for the Little Ones' Christmas Party. I made up a batch of simple vanilla sugar cookie dough and split it between the three of them and gave them the cookie cutters and let them go! lol. They had a blast and when it came time to topping them I glazed them with a very thin layer of water icing and let them get creative..lol. It was mad but fun! I think they did a good job!

M's Christmas Cookie Creations
M favoured the Father Christmas and Christmas Tree cutters and loved the mini chocolate coloured drops toppings. I thought they looked great...

J's Christmas Cookie Creations
J favoured the Christmas Bell and the Turkey cutters...and for his toppings went with coloured sugar strands and then snowed chocolate strands over the top of them! Nice.

N's Christmas Cookie Creations
N was set on having Christmas Angels and then cut out a couple of Christmas Trees at the end. She was also crashed out asleep when it came time to top them so I hope she appreciated my pink sugar crystal and pink heart toppings I did for her. 

And finally....the dessert I came up with for our Christmas meal. Pear is probably one of the only fruits left for My Love to enjoy and I had come up with the idea of a simple tartlet with a chocolate creme and poached pear splayed in the centre. Then found this recipe and went with it. lol. I will try my version in the future but I have to say this was one of the most delicious desserts I've ever eaten. It was light, not too sweet and the pastry melted in your mouth. The melted dark chocolate layer, vanilla creme layer and pears were a delight to eat. I will most probably be posting this recipe in the next couple of days...it is a keeper. 

Rustic Pear and Chocolate Galette Slice with Vanilla Soy Ice Cream
Perfect! And quite simple to make and as with the Pineapple dessert it is completely chilled before serving and gets better the longer it is sat. Bonus. 

Although it has been lovely having all this formal food and rich offerings....I am looking forward to getting back to normal now. Although I suspect My Love isn't as the New Year bring the Elimination Diet part of the 'Sally' investigation..so it will be white rice and garden peas for each meal for a few weeks! 

So tomorrow I will be back with regular recipes and musings. I hope the holidays are being kind...