Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday Brunch ~ Vegan Crumpets with Cashew Nut Butter and Sliced Banana

Kitchen Play List:  Gary Moore ~ Parisienne Walkways
                                      Jack Johnson ~ Better When We're Together
                                      Colbie Cailatt ~ Tied Down

A simple but deliciously comforting brunch for one!
Today I wanted a breakfast/brunch that was the kitchen holy trinity for me...simple, comforting and quick. And that is exactly what this brunch was but it lacked no flavour for it being all three of those things. Now I love a crumpet every now and then but I really don't like the squishy texture of 'just toasted' crumpets...I like mine almost cremated lol. Or at least a very deep brown colour. I also dislike vegan marg spread on them because I don't like the oozey soggy bottoms you get with that! I am a little picky with my crumpets as you can tell! lol. 

I like toppings that stay toppings and I find that nut butters do this. Especially when you are at the end of a jar and it's quite hard. I look forward to this moment of nut butter munching. lol. And today I had the ends of cashew nut butter to use up...I like peanut butter but I have to say I really like Cashew Nut Butter and Almond Nut Butter far more. I can find Peanut Butter a little..well..blarrr...and I love the individual flavours of the others. I also think that bananas were created to be used with nut butters....I'm sure they were! lol. For me it's the perfect combination...

So it was as simple as this...toast the crumpets...twice...smear with cashew nut butter and then top with sliced banana. Make a good mug of black coffee and then enjoy! I did! lol