Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Little Sock Stealer

I just wanted to add a quick note today about the four legged critter that shares our home. We've had him since he was a little white ball of fur with two floppy ears. He was a star from the moment he came into our lives. He definitely has a personality although I don't hold with humanising our four legged friends. After picking him up from the breeders to bring him home, he travelled all the way back, snuggled up inside the front of my sisters fleece jacket. From that very moment he developed a love for fleece material and take every opportunity to curl up in a ball and sleep on it..whether its a fleece blanket or on a person's body. You are very popular in this house if you walk in wearing a fleece lol.  Soon after he arrived he developed a playful relationship with my sister who was staying with us then. She would jump forward in her socks and he would run rings around her feet and nip at her sock ends. Little scamp. This has lead to a sock fetish for our dear pooch. We were fortunate that we never had the experience of a puppy eating the furniture or expensive shoes. But we did suddenly find ourselves missing many socks, to find them in little piles, stashed behind things. And to be honest we didn't ever try and change this as it was what made he earn his title of Lord  A Stealer of affectionate nickname My Love came up with one morning, when faced with trying to find two matching socks! I thought t could've been  a lot worse! lol So for the purposes of this blog he will be known as Sock Stealer. It was a nick suggested to me by a dear chum for this purpose and I think it is perfect.