Sunday, 30 January 2011

Banana & Nut Butter Breakfast Burrito

As today is a very busy day for us, we are feasting on lovely leftovers for lunch and dinner. And for our breakfast we had to forgo our usual hot breakfast/brunch choices. We needed something quick, filling and nutritious that we could eat on the run. So I turned to an old favourite of ours, Banana &  Nut Butter Breakfast Burritos. In all honesty the Burrito is the end result of trying many different recipes for this filling. Many suggest frying the banana slices in a little vegan marg/butter and a little cinnamon, which is lovely but time consuming and not a very healthy option. But I do advise trying it sometime. This Burrito is very simple to put together and to be honest I really did wonder whether to blog about it. But it is its simplicity that makes me want to. So below is the recipe and I hope you give it a try. Create your own fillings...I hear that chocolate spread with it is also very nice. But I haven't tried that one...yet. Lol Enjoy!

Banana & Nut Butter  Breakfast Burrito 
Serves 1

1 wholemeal tortilla or tortilla of your choice
1/2  banana,  sliced
1 tbsp nut butter of your choice

So simple....spread the nut butter over the  tortilla and then spread out the banana slices.  Fold the tortilla  by folding in the sides and then rolling upwards. If you would prefer a warm burrito? Microwave it for 45 secs - 1 minute on High. Eat immediately.

If you experience solid nut butter...and lets face it...who hasn't. Microwave the opened jar for 1 minute and that should do the trick. 

Sorry no photo to  go with this  recipe . They are never around long enough! lol