Saturday, 29 January 2011

Let me introduce myself..

Welcome...come on in....thank you for stopping by. For my first blog I thought I'd better tell you a little bit more about me and my life and then after that it will be mostly about the food. As I've said before I share my life with 'my love'. And our little Westie A. I have a passion for cooking and creating new recipes. I am an avid collector of cookbooks, teacups & saucers and espresso sets. Strange? Maybe, but that's me. I couldn't bear a life of the same recipes every weekday, over and over again. I try to make every day a new food adventure.
I am very fortunate to share my food with my love and our family and friends. I love cooking from the prep to the serving of it...but not the clearing up! Does anyone? Lol. I am very grateful to friends who come to stay to attend events, and their help in the washing up chore. But they are always repaid with cake so I can sometimes get away with it. My other great passions in life are writing, music and reading. Our house sometimes looks like a library as books are a passion I share with my love. And there is always music. All kinds. Although that is something my love and I differ on greatly. Lol But we manage to find a middle ground...sometimes.
My family and friends are a very important part of my life. I don't have the money to spoil them financially but I can provide them with food and cake. Everyone of their birthdays is celebrated with a cake or cupcakes of their choice. Its a pleasure and I hope it is for them too?! Lol I'm hoping that they won't mind me mentioning them in this blog as my food tales are always based around them. A celebration...a commiseration...a chance visit...and 'just because' moments. I hope to share the menus and recipes with you. And maybe you'll share them with your loved ones...or not. Your choice.
The food I cook is always vegan and recently I have started venturing into the Gluten Free world as good friends are gluten intolerant. It's been an adventure. I have been a vegetarian since I was a very small toddler. I may have eaten the odd piece of chicken breast and corned beef sandwich but as soon as I was able to protest and form my own opinions I have never eaten meat, poultry, fish or eggs out of choice. I have been made to eat it by a rather nasty dinner lady at school once and two very silly adults who came into my later childhood. But I have to say my Mum never forced the 'meat' issue on me and fully supported my veggie ways. She inspired me as a child as she made cooking and baking fun. However I have to say I did eat cheese for a long time. And one of my most missed and favourite meals from my childhood was a bowl of crisp cut up apple with cubes of cheddar. See, I was easy to please. Although I'm fairly sure my friends parents wouldn't agree. Many times I was served the vegetables that I asked for and then they would smother these beautiful things with beefy gravy. Not good times. Poor things...I just couldn't make them understand. And I would like to say that has changed over the years, but I have had more than my fair share of avid meat eaters who, upon learning that I was veggie/vegan, they felt the need to tell me how much they love meat and just talking to me made them crave a bacon sandwich! It used to make me cross but now I smile at them and nod my head and explain that I don't judge them for their eating choices...they're just very different from mine. I just wish it didn't seem to threaten them on some level. I'm not trying to preach or recruit anyone to the vegan cause. I'm not that political about it as there as far better people on this planet to do that. For me, it just never sat right with me. Eating animals, their by products just never, on any level, felt right. I don't think it's necessary. I believe in a plant based eating existence. I hope the recipes will show that its not all tofu slices, steamed rice and veggies. And as for the cakes and treats...well just try them before you form an opinion? My love is a meat eater and when away on work trips or just meeting pals for lunch, indulges in the meaty meals. And thats ok...although I did cringe at finding out about the Steak Tartare incident...but that's because its raw and yuck! Lol But we muddle along quite nicely together. The kitchen is my space and I have 100% support on our home being a vegan home and all guests coming to stay respect this and understand this. I've only ever had two people who have questioned this...and now they don't come to dinner or stay and that suits both parties just fine. Turns out I don't need father figures anyway. Who knew?
So to sum these ramblings blog will be about the food, the recipes, the kitchen, the music and most importantly the events and the people who I share this all with. So once again welcome. And I hope you visit regularly and find enjoyment here. And hopefully many laughs with me along the way. Thank you for your time. R x