Saturday, 3 January 2015

Little changes....and often

I absolutely desire's silver and has a lotus..why wouldn't I? lol

Hello! Happy New Year wishes are sent your way lovely folks. Well, what do you think to the new look? I know..I am rocking the blonde pixie cut, eh? New year, new 'do and all that. Ok, ok I jest...although I have had my long hair cut this morning by a lovely man called Josh...but I really meant the blog. I have been unhappy with the darkness of the green on the blog for a while and I found it difficult to read and I know that a few of you have struggled with the text too. Thank you for your honesty folks. 

This red loving blonde (yep sorry to burst that bubble once again for all those that think my nickname Red is related to my hair colour) decided to freshen up the blog face with a serious injection of my favourite colour and using the contrast of white so that the text appears more clear. Has it worked? Please let me know what you all think? Although the formatting won't allow us to get rid of the pink stripe across the top..dammit! looks for the new year and I am very happy with that. 

I had a quiet festive period due my illness and poor ML has been below par too. And I don't think I have ever spent such a quiet New Years celebration...but it was where I wanted to be and we almost missed it as we fell asleep. Thankfully we woke in time to watch Queen with Adam Lambert performing in London to see in the chimes of 2o15 and then the spectacular London firework display. And I have to admit watching Queen again was a highly emotional experience for me. Lifelong fan! And I was royally (Ha!) taken by Mr Lambert's performance and the great respect they showed towards the ever missing Freddie. It was an unexpected way to see in the new year but one I wouldn't change. Now of course I need to see them Live. I hope your celebrations were happy ones too. 

So the big question...resolutions? Did you succumb to making a long unachievable list? This year I managed to stop myself from doing so. Giving myself the breathing space to relax into the new year. I currently have only four on my list and they are very natural ones. And they will be of no surprise to those closest to covering my health, one covering my need for Live performances, one covering my need to travel and one related to my research skills. Gone are all the hard line resolutions. This year I am choosing to be kind to myself...and by doing so I have already made some big changes. Like the decision to make drastic changes to my look. My hair was down to the middle of my back again and although I will always identify that as my 'look'..I had to get real because the meds have drastically thinned what once was a curly blonde mane of hair. Last week I allowed myself to accept that I needed to make this change. This morning, accompanied by my ever loving and loyal sister, I sat and let a stranger cut away the mane and I allowed him to cut what was left into a fabulous pixie cut style and it felt....AMAZING! I can't tell you the last time I sat in a hairdressers chair and smiled so much. With every cut I felt more that is the essence of my resolutions this year. Little changes...and often. 

I shall be researching, experimenting and enjoying the Japanese vegan fayre this year. I am also starting a healing green smoothie period on Monday to help my body kickstart a new healing effort. I will also be continuing my contributions to the Suma Wholefoods Bloggers Network and during the next week I shall be posting my latest recipe. I cannot wait to get started.... I wish you a beautiful weekend and I will be back with a recipe posting for you on Thursday folks.