Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Favourite Things: Scarfs

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Is it really Tuesday already? Blimey the time has flown by since my last post. I had the most hectically wonderful weekend. Great time spent with both 'families'...Saturday was spent in the sun with ML, my sister and her little ones at a fantastic park. There was Splash Boating, Giant Swan Pedalo's (?), green lushness, fresh air, great play grounds, some spots of rain and fantastic moments shared. (Could've done without a Rooster and six Peacocks hell bent on becoming this Birdphobic's best friends..Zoiks! lol) Things you do for the little one's in your life.

Sunday was a very different day as our friends came over and we all got stuck into the packing and we made such a huge impact on it. There was also a lot of laughter shared during the day and I realised just how blessed I am to have them all in my life. And to be honest it was just great to spend time together. So my time has flown by since then and suddenly I am sat here listening to Mr Grohl and co and realised we haven't cooked a single meal since. 

So instead I am going to share with you another of my favourite things. This time its scarfs and I don't mean the older lady scarfs..lol I mean the rock types that I have a collection of...I have a waterfall of rock scarfs hanging on my bedroom wall. So they double up as Art too! lol. (Yep packing up the bedroom is going to be traumatic...already packed my jewellery and watch collections up and that took me 8 hours! Of blood, sweat and tears...oh the tears!!! lol)

This scarf was a recent purchase and as with all of my collectibles I am never precious over the price. If I like it...if I'm feeling it...it's in. lol. This one was only a couple of £'s. I seem to have many Skull scarfs and each one very different from the other. I loved the skull, roses and words combo of this one. Simple, cheap and beautiful.

Do you have collections? If so, what do you collect? I can't be the only one, can I? lol

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your week has started well and you are happy?....