Friday, 28 February 2014

St Ives ~ Artist J.C.Lawtey

St Ives, Cornwall - Artist ~ J.C.Lawtey seems my seriously untalented Mum has been at it once again..however this time I think she is actually proud of this one. And it's about time let me tell you lol as I have spent many...many...many years trying to boost her confidence about her work. My childhood bedroom was covered in drawings by her lovely hand and my shelves littered with her creations from the pottery school. OK there was also a Fonz and Bionic Woman poster or 

Last year ML and I were lucky enough to go to Cornwall on holiday and our apartment balcony overlooked the entire bay of St Ives and although the scene was never as dramatic as this was beautiful. This is my Mums interpretation of the postcard that we sent her. I love extreme weather (unless it's flowing through my house!!) and so the sky and the waves really appealed to me. I think I enjoy Mum's version a lot more than the original postcard and I can say that without any bias as she knows me and my honesty gene well enough by 

I am away to the hospital with ML and little Layla and then hopefully to have some fun afterwards so I hope you are all having a great Friday...

Thanks for stopping by and keep smiling folks..


NB: This artwork is the hard work and creation of J.C.Lawtey and her alone.